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Studio: Ninja Loot Games
Graphics Style: Realistic
Expected Release Date: Unknown
Subscription Style: Unknown
Cost: Unknown

There is no beginning.  There is no end.  There is only now and of that, we can’t be certain.

– Ver Statera

Official Description

Defend the Night is a dark fantasy MMORPG with a challenging, return to classic, gameplay that will keep you on the edge of your seat.  In the dangerous world of Certovia, power demands to be earned—not bought. As a result, skill and knowledge will be key to surpassing your opposition.  Defend the Night will feature some traditional RPG classes; character progression through leveling, ability, talent acquisition; and player-owned city development.  Players will be able to head out into the darkness of the world, either solo or with a group of friends, and level through a variety of options, both PvE and PvP.  Choose the leveling path that works for you, without being forced into a specific style of play or linear progression, in this sandbox-style MMO

Screenshot of current character creation screen.

Races & Classes

There are currently 11 announced classes in the game. These classes we definitely love the look of, they have a classic range of classes that generally are fun classes to play and are known by most players who have ever played an MMO before. 

The classes currently listed are:  Assassin, BattleMage, Cleric, Druid, Enchanter, Necromancer, Paladin, Ranger, Shadow Knight, Warrior & Wizard.   Underneath the list is also a section for Unannounced where they have plans to name further classes. 

The 4 races currently announced are: Humans, Rel’Goth (a demon kind style of race),  Alfar (no information yet on this one but we assume it is going to be an elf style of race) and the 4th race is the Half Orcs. 

About The Game

Defend the Night will have “both open world and instanced components”.  The game is currently still in development and has been since the middle of 2017.  The FAQ on their website states that they are in alpha development and testing.  

Players will be able to build a homestead, progress a town and possibly eventually a city.  The player community can also create and manage storefronts, defences and city guilds. 

Sign Up

If you want to support the game you can sign up here to get more information and automatic application to the Closed Beta (doesnt guarantee access).

There is currently a merchandise store that can be used to support the game as well. 

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